Matryoshka 3.10 – The Far-spider

J. V., Nicola Samori

Pavel joins Mels and Emiliano as they return to the Blessed Theotokos Monastery in the Tajik SSR to confront what lies beneath it.

Dan (he/him) – Pvt. 1st Class Pavel Antonovich Ivanov
Lina (she/her) – Mels Kazakova
Johnny (he/him) – Emiliano Macana

utopologist – “Matryoshka”
Sarah Davachi – “Badlands”
Hilyard – “On The Surface”
Chubby Wolf – “Die Unendliche Geschichte”
Phill Niblock – “Two Lips – Coh Da Guitar Quartet”
Wouter Veldhuis – “Blue Forest I”, “Blue Forest II”
Petri Kuljuntausta – “Violin Tone Orchestra”
Jon Hassell – “Blues Nile”
Kali Malone – “Bondage to Formula”
Loscil – “Straw Dogs”
Bvdub – “Your Painted Armor Longs to Crack”
Colin Stetson – “Clothed in the Skin of the Dead”
Olivier Messiaen – “Louange à l’Immortalité de Jésus”

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