Season 3 interlude – The Shadow Under Leningrad, pt. II

The special investigators, joined by a former agent who specialized in the paranormal, come up with a plan to protect the people of Leningrad from the horrors below.

Johnny (he/him) – Pvt. Georgi Nikolaevich Kipian
Jeremy (he/him) – Osip Rodionovich Ovechkin
Lina (she/her) – Valeria Danilovna Kareva
Dan (he/him) – Nikolay Nikolaevich Berozhkin

utopologist – “Matryoshka”
Robert Turman – “Flux 2”
Bersarin Quartett – “Rot und Schwarz”
Phillip Wilkerson – “To the One Who Hears”
Hilyard – “Dismantled”
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – “Vague, Yet”
Kyle Bobby Dunn – “Buncington Revisited”
Bing Satellites – “Music for Horns No. 1 in G major”
Hidden Orchestra – “East London Street (Drums Only Version)”
Patricia – “Upper Peninsula (feat. Terekke)”
Memotone – “Ritual”
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld – “Never Were the Way She Was”
Kasper Bjørke Quartet – “Paramount”


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