3.7 – The Mother of Hounds, pt. II

Painting of a dark figure with spindly limbs wrapped around itself while standing in a doorway. The face is obscured by a shape that is either hair or a hood of some kind.

…, Hassan Tabrizi

Underneath Vaduz, the team must navigate an unfamiliar and unfriendly labyrinth to accomplish their mission.

Dan (he/him) – Pvt. 1st Class Pavel Antonovich Ivanov
Lina (she/her) – Mels Kazakova
Johnny (he/him) – Emiliano Macana

utopologist – “Matryoshka”
Evan Bartholomew – “Leaving Behind Our Memories”
Alex Tiuniaev – “I Wish That They’d Sweep Down In A Country Lane”
Pauline Oliveros & Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis – “Suiren”
Kali Malone – “Empty The Belief”
Max Corbacho – “Timelapse”
melodium – “eye movement”
Stephen Scott – “Arcs”
Listening Mirror – “Without Saying Goodbye”
Viktor Orri Árnason – “IV. Er”
Dirty Beaches – “Stateless”


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