3.5 – The Storm

The team find themselves stranded in the Belarussian forest in the middle of a blizzard, and something is driving the animals out of their minds.

Dan (he/him) – Pvt. 1st Class Pavel Antonovich Ivanov
Lina (she/her) – Mels Kazakova
Johnny (he/him) – Emiliano Macana

utopologist – “Matryoshka”
Bohren & der Club of Gore – “Crimson Ways”
Bersarin Quartett – “Im Glanze des Kometen”
Caterina Barbieri – “Perspectiva”
Sarah Davachi – “Untitled (Live in Portland)”
Alva Noto – “Uni Mia”
Sarah Davachi – “Diaphonia Basilica”
utopologist – “Kupalinka”
Anenon – “Verso”
Eliane Radigue – “Kyema (Intermediate States)”
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir – “Arc Descents”
Ben Frost – “Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water”
Abul Mogard – “Quiet Dreams”


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